Our Story



I remember starting this platform back in 2013, (previously Walkofpromise), and to see where we are now has been nothing short of amazing. Through this medium, we've been able to provide start-up consultation, career coaching, and workshop series. Work I've been so proud and privileged to do.


It started as a one-person team, a few following, to now a community of thousands of people. Building this platform has not come without its challenges, but nothing beats receiving emails and feedback on its impact on the lives of others.

With the need to reposition and, most importantly, rest, I decided to take a hiatus in 2019. I call it the season of “undoing.” With no “busyness” to hide behind, I was free to transform areas of my life that were left to operate on autopilot for so long. Including the hard work of practicing consciousness, taking self-inventory, and redefining success - what it looks like for me and how I wanted to work toward it... As a result of this and through conversation with others, I realized there’s been a shift in how I wanted to continue my work with Walkofpromise.

This brings us to the birth of “The One Eighty”. A platform that centers on redefining our everyday approach to success and wellbeing. Focused on promoting intentionality and mindfulness. 

Thank you for all your support thus far and I hope you join us in this exciting chapter.




Dorcas Solomon