The One Eighty is a digital publication focused on promoting and showcasing a mindful and intentional approach to success, wellbeing, and living. Our creative content is intended to spark conversations, enlighten readers, challenge mindsets, and cultural norms.

Recognizing the constant flow of digital clutter and noise presented to the average user every day, The One Eighty chooses to put consciousness and focus at the fore by exploring only one subject at a time in our editorial series.



We are unbothered by the pressure of consistently creating in the digital space. Rather, we appreciate the slowness and patience involved in the creative process of deep and intentional work.

We believe rest is important, and do not equate “busy-ness” with productivity.

We only partner with businesses that align with our values, and whose work we believe in.

We are not here to tell you what to do, but rather to present new ideas for thoughts and to open up new dialogues.

We do not work to amass commercial recognition or for social engagement in the form of likes and comments. Rather, we believe this work is imperative, value creativity over popularity, and simply because we like what we do.